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Building Better Teams in 2021: Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

The necessity of an emotionally intelligent team has become more apparent than ever. Your employees are worried about all the things. And you are probably feeling some of the same. Yet, as the leaders, we solider on. That is why 2021 is the year to build a team with a robust arsenal of soft skills. That starts with hiring for […]

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Want to Be Like Bill Gates?

It is no secret our physical and mental health greatly affect all areas of our life. In recent years the practice of meditation has risen in popularity across the globe. Successful businesspeople, such as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, have lauded its benefits leading all sectors of the business world – creative to engineering fields – to take notice of the positive effects […]

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Could Emotional Intelligence be the Key to Your Job Search?

When looking for a job, it’s easy to focus on the tangibles. Education? Check! Experience? Check! Killer resume and interview attire? Check and check! But are those things enough? Oftentimes, the thing that gets you hired is more intangible. When searching for the perfect hire, companies are looking for employees that are smart and capable, of course; but the elusive […]

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