8 Videos To Help You Land Your Next Job

Ready to move on from your current position? Or is it time to rejoin the workforce after a break? Starting a job search can be daunting. From updating your resume to reconnecting with your network, you may not know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this concise and handy set of videos on how to go about a job search so you find the best job for you.


Six Steps to Start Your Job Search

Searching for your dream job can be overwhelming. It helps to take it one step at a time. Check out these six easy steps to jumpstart your job search process.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn profile

When it comes to getting your next job, you can’t ignore LinkedIn. Six people are hired from it every minute! So don’t get left behind. Watch this for easy ways to freshen up your profile and help job offers roll in.

How to Work Best with Your Recruiter

Looking for a magic tool to make your new job just appear? Your recruiter may be the closest thing you’ll find. Check out this video to find out how to make the most of your relationship with your recruiter.

Resume Dos and Don’ts

Your resume is your first impression. Follow these 5 tips to make sure your resume lands on the top of the prospective employee pile.

How to Prepare for Your Interview

Interviewing for a job can be stressful. But we’ve got your back! We’ve helped people prep for interviews for years. Watch this video for helpful tips and practical ways to navigate employers’ tough questions.

How to Bring Your True Self to a Job Interview

We know you want to impress a potential employer. But if you aren’t your true self in an interview, it hurts you and them in the long run. So how do you aim to impress while being authentic? Follow the three tips in this video.

Reentering the Workforce after a Break

Jumping back into the workforce after taking a break can feel overwhelming, but don’t get discouraged. A lot of people do it and we have some tips to help you navigate it.

Find the Perfect Career Fit

Searching for a company that not only needs your talents but also aligns with your passions and beliefs, can be stressful. Then there’s also interviewing and negotiations. You don’t have to go it alone. Spot On Talent is here to be your partner. Here’s a short video on how we help you find the perfect fit.


If you are currently searching or thinking about a change, we can help! Check out the open jobs on our job board, send us your resume, follow us on LinkedIn, or shoot us a message and lets connect.

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