Four Insider Resume Tips to Beat the Bots

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Did you know that in today’s competitive hiring climate, most companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to weed out resumes before they make it in front of human eyes? This could mean your resume is getting rejected before a hiring manager even has a chance to read it. But don’t fret! Spot On Talent is here to help you build the perfect ATS compatible resume to beat the bots. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

According to a study from job search services firm Preptel, 75% of all resumes never even get seen by human eyes. Instead, they’re scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS). This AI software will rank your resume by keywords and optimized templates to determine if you’re first in line for an interview or hidden from the recruiters.

So, if you want to get hired, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to build an ATS compatible resume to get past the system.

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How to Write an ATS Compatible Resume

First and foremost, write authentically for you and your position. Take these notes into consideration and combine them with your current resume to get your resume in the hands of a hiring manager.  

1. Keep It Simple

Fancy font and color may single you out to a recruiter, but embedded images or custom design can confuse the bot and lead to rejection. Don’t avoid this with pre-made templates either, they may look clean to the eye but often include formatting tricks ATS won’t be able to read. In general, best practice is a clean word document with no images or stylized sections. The clearer the hierarchy, the easier the bot will find the most important information.

2. Keywords

The Applicant Tracking System works by searching uploaded documents for pre-programmed keywords and linked phrases. You will often find the most important keywords within the job description itself. These keywords are usually the knowledge, skills and abilities a company is looking for in the ideal candidate, and often include the duties of the job. Sprinkle keywords in your resume from both the posting itself and those that can act as differentiators to help you stand-out.

“You will often find the most important keywords within the job description itself”

3. Be Specific

When writing a resume to beat the bots, make sure you tailor each submission to the job in which you are applying. Take note of specific software, length of experience or licenses required. Then, insert these keywords from the job description to match your resume. Make sure to use these keywords in both a laundry list, like your bullet points, and contextually, in the body of the resume.

4. Balance is Key

Despite the entrance of AI in recruiting, human beings will make the final decision in the hiring process. Remember, you are writing a resume for both a bot and a person. While these tips will help get your resume in front of the hiring manager, you want to make sure it will impress them as well. Be sure to include a cover letter that reflects not just the keywords, but also highlights your personal experience in your role.

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Spot On Solution

Once you’ve revamped your resume to beat the bots, send it to us to find your next Spot On placement! We will work directly with you to ensure access to opportunities with companies who value what you uniquely bring to the table. Already have the perfect resume? Search our open jobs now to find your Spot On fit.