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retaining talent

A New Modus Operandi for Retaining and Attracting Top Talent

The current talent war is extraordinary. Large-scale shifts are happening in every industry and job level – and retaining talent is growing more difficult. Resignations are being driven by stress burnout, Covid epiphanies, and confidence in the economy. Employers are facing a triple-threat situation, and need to reimagine their recruiting process or risk losing their top talent. In Prudential’s Road […]

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How To Resign Professionally & Stay On Good Terms

In recent months, the number of people switching jobs has become so great it has been characterized as the Turnover Tsunami, The Great Resignation and Covid Job Churn. However you reference it, it is here – so it’s important to know how to professionally resign. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a record number of resignations in April and May. […]

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