My ultimate parenting goal is to make the next generation better than the last.

I will do this by raising a healthy, productive, confident, genuinely happy individual who is independent and will one day use his talents to serve others and love those around him.

Two signals via my son’s quotes this weekend that I may be on my way to success. (Note: He just returned from a week at sleep-over camp, his first time):

“I didn’t worry about you and dad the whole week.”
Wahoo! So glad. He didn’t say I didn’t miss you, but he didn’t “worry” about us and he was enjoying himself.

“This one’s for you dad.”
Yee haw! His dad was playing golf Sunday morning so he and I played a little soccer in the front yard. He wanted his dad to see what he was doing and that he was successfully heading the ball into our little goal. He was thinking of his dad and wanted to share his accomplishments with him.

Parenting is the wildest path, full of ups and downs, but one I feel so blessed to be following. I cannot imagine a better journey. He completes me!