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We are hard at work finding dream jobs and building dream teams. If you are searching, you know the experience comes with highs and lows, ongoing task lists, and requires great attention to detail. Our team is working harder than ever to find the best people for the best opportunity. You probably already know it can go wrong at any step, even after an offer is made, so this month we are keeping it real and sharing what is happening right now, in hopes you can apply it in your current or future search.

Mind Your Social Media!

We know we are like a broken record, but it just happened AGAIN, so one more time … your social media matters! Recently a candidate’s offer was rescinded because of what the client found on their social media – people think it doesn’t happen. It does.

A candidate had accepted an offer and knowingly filled out the background check form which included their social media accounts. Their Twitter account lost them the job. The client called Melissa and said they can usually overlook a few poor posts, but they had 59 flagged posts. Most of them flagged were tweets that they had “liked” and not actually posted initially themself. Most were foul language, but there were some political posts as well. They learned a hard lesson and have canceled that account.

How can you avoid this outcome? Use these resources with social media best practices from our blog  Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, Does Your Social Media Need a Good Scrubbing?, or Tips to Stay Organized During Your Job Search. One more time – your social media matters, make it work for you not against you.

Thank you, Gracias, Danke, Merci

We recently had a candidate lose a pending offer because of their thank you note. We wish we were joking. Good news there was a thank you note; bad news it was delivered in the wrong way and littered with typos. It was a painful reminder to us and the candidate that every step of the process is equally important. Before you send, make sure to review these tips for writing a thank you card to a potential employer. Our spot-on picks:

  1. Email sent within 24 hours of interview, never a text!
  2. The 3Ps: Personalize, Positive Language and Proofread, PLEASE proofread.
  3. Vision cast how you add and will contribute to their opportunity.


Watchout for Counter Offers!

A recent candidate sent the “not showing up for the job I accepted because I am staying where I am” email. Then a new email months later saying, ‘I made a mistake and should not have accepted the counteroffer, is there anything you can do to help me?”

Another candidate left our client’s job after a mere 5 days! Soon after they called to say they’d made a mistake, but the damage was already done.

We also have had first-hand experience of the negative counteroffer outcomes. At a previous employer, she and the leadership team made a compelling counteroffer to a team member they wanted to retain. Ultimately it left everyone, management and staff, frustrated and the individual left for another role. Read more about counter offers in this Forbes’ article: Relooking At Why You Should Never Make Or Take Job Counter Offers


If you need help navigating your job search we are here. We will always provide you with real and honest feedback, practical tips to help you, and cheer for your success; because your success is our success, and that is absolutely real talk from our recruiters.

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