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Flexible Corporate Culture: Finding that Fit

During the election, both candidates highlighted and discussed the need for workplace flexibility. Unfortunately, their focus was on this issue for women while in truth work/life fit is a priority for employed men and women. The election is over. It is time to take action. How do you implement a flexible workplace program while avoiding the pitfalls? If you need a reminder […]

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Do your work policies bend or break?

Wind blows, leaves fall, branches break … Fall is upon us. Children are back in school. New routines have been formed. Families are feeling the pressure of homework, sports practices and after school activities while others are taking a foreign language class, attending a doctor appointment with an aging parent or volunteering. What are your work policies when life steps […]

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Why Workforce is Motivated by Flex

This week, Mom Corps CEO Allison O’Kelly was featured in, “7 Ways to Motivate Employees with Workplace Flexibility,” a post on Cali Yost’s “Flex and the C-Suite” Fast Company blog. Flex and the C-Suite is a column series that, “periodically showcases leaders who have made flexibility at work a key strategy for achieving smarter and better business results. In other words, […]

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