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Why Workforce is Motivated by Flex

This week, Mom Corps CEO Allison O’Kelly was featured in, “7 Ways to Motivate Employees with Workplace Flexibility,” a post on Cali Yost’s “Flex and the C-Suite” Fast Company blog. Flex and the C-Suite is a column series that, “periodically showcases leaders who have made flexibility at work a key strategy for achieving smarter and better business results. In other words, […]

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Celebrating Excellence in Workplace Flexibility

Families and Work Institute (FWI), a national research think tank on workforce and workplace trends, announced this week that Mom Corps is among this year’s recipients of its prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Award for business excellence in workplace flexibility. This is a tremendous honor for us! Ellen Galinsky, president of FWI and highly respected in the field of workplace flexibility, […]

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