Important Need to Knows about Employee Vaccination Programs

employee vaccination

Ready to bring the team back in the office? You might even already be back, but wondering how you can leverage the vaccine for your team. With the creation and approval of effective vaccines there is another tool in our toolbox for employee safety and protection. Vaccines are rolling out across the country; employers everywhere are asking the same question: how can we build a safe employee vaccination program?

Vaccine Rule Round-Up

The rules around the coronavirus vaccine vary from state to state. Employers can require their employees to get vaccinated, with a few caveats for those that qualify.

Based on the guidance released by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), you can require your employees get the vaccine as a condition of coming into work. However, you must also be prepared to exempt employees with disabilities or those with religious exceptions.  If any of your employees meet these exclusions, you must offer opportunities like working from home or reassignment.

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Gaining Buy-In on Employee Vaccination

Even though the law allows you to require the vaccine, amplifying and increasing trust in the process will help ease the transition for your employee vaccination roll-out. Transparency and positive encouragement go a long way. It will also set the tone for mutual respect. Adding personal conversations and commitment helps form a company-wide expectation.

“Amplifying and increasing trust in the process will help ease the transition.”

Some big-name companies are taking the recommendation a step further and offering financial incentives to employees who receive the vaccine. Target, Instacart and Dollar General are planning to provide personnel with PTO or stipend wages. The more barriers you remove for your team, the quicker you can reach your vaccination goals. Meeting employee needs and communicating process will help you achieve your goals.

employee vaccination
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