2021 Industry Trends: How to Find a Job in a Candidate-Driven Market

Are you ready to start or change positions in your career? The market is shifting. We now have a surplus of positions and not enough candidates to fill them. This gives the job seeker flexibility in finding a rewarding career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 1.8 million jobs have been added in 2021. The graphics below show the industries with the most openings. Plus we share our tips for how to best find a job in a candidate-driven market.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting positions are forecasted to increase 6% through 2029. This means the accounting job market will continue to see exponential growth in 2021. Because of this, you will need to notably show off your skills from an employer’s point of view. To stand out as a top accounting candidate highlight your accreditations. By reframing your previous success, employers will better connect with your experience. To find your next step, check out what jobs we have in accounting and finance.

Administrative & Human Resources

Administration careers are also seeing an uptick, as companies open and rehire. If you are ready to return to work, virtual administrative and HR positions are trending and eliminate geographic barriers. For help finding administrative opportunities, check out Spot On Talent’s job board.

Information Technology (IT)

The IT industry is maturing quickly because of unprecedented scenarios due to political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. Companies are increasing IT budgets and prioritize hiring. As an IT professional, stand out for these openings by showing not telling. If you can code, build a website. If you design, include a digital portfolio. Enhance your resume. Send it to us. We will help find your next Spot On career home.


Companies have placed a greater emphasis on marketing. According to the June 2020 CMO Survey, 62.3% of companies saw the role of marketing increase in importance over 2019. That number jumped to 72.2% in February 2021. The top two marketing opportunities today are building better digital interfaces and transforming go-to market business models. Include the ROI of past projects on your resume. Doing this signals you are adept in analytics. Spot On Talent currently has jobs open in the field of marketing! Check them out on our job board. We hope this information helps you find a job in a candidate-driven market.