Happy Thanksgiving! Live Your Gratitude Daily

Live your gratitude daily! Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for … sunny afternoons and moonlit nights – spontaneous enthusiasm – hugs from our children – cheese and olives – tough love – giving without expectation – cowboy boots – a great pair of jeans – eyes that sparkle – passionate people – fires on a cold night – french fries! – our troops who put their lives on the line every day so we have our freedom – a happy, healthy family – laughter – loyal friendships – true partnerships – entrepreneurs – jalapenos stuffed with chicken and cheese – Radiant Glow juice – deep tissue massages – our children’s education – companies who walk the talk – football – Texas ya’ll – good health – hearing our children running around laughing – our mothers who cheer us on – our fathers who are our super heroes – our siblings and their wonderful families – comforts of home – great friends who always seems to know what to say – old dogs – girlfriends – carpools – GPS – flowers for no apparent reason – family – valet parking – being able to read the menu at a restaurant – a good haircut and color – reuniting with college friends … for these things and many others, we are grateful.