Happy Sister’s Day!

Little and Big sis, Peyton and Cameron


Charles Schultz once said, “Big sisters are the crab grass on the lawn of life.”  As I read his quote to Peyton, my younger daughter, she began to smile, and nodded yes when I asked her if it rang true.  Being a younger sister myself, I too appreciated his sentiment! 

Peyton is two years younger than Cameron, and they are both in high school now.  This year will be especially poignant for them since Cameron will be leaving for college next year.  They have fought their way through childhood, but have been each other’s biggest defender against outsiders as well.  I think this is the sister code:  “I may despise her, but no one else can!”  I look at them now, sharing makeup and secrets, and realize that I was right when I told them, in the midst of another huge fight, that they would one day be friends.  I know that they will always have each other to celebrate the good things, and to lean on when life is tough. 

Yes, Peyton may think of Cameron as a loathsome weed at times, but Cameron is her sister, and so she’ll love that weed even more than she loves the beautiful and perfect lawn.