You’re Not Curing Cancer!!!!

I have never had a problem unplugging. In fact, I am writing this blog right now from the beautiful Rosemary Beach where I have spent the last 4 days with my family playing tennis, shopping, lounging, sipping cocktails, and spending countless hours feeling thankful for the smell of the ocean and the feel of my toes in the sand. I live for our vacations. They lift and recharge me. And I feel absolutely no guilt about picking up and checking out. Ever.

My husband, however, is a different story. Big job. Lots of responsibilities. Many employees. Lots of balls in the air. A strong work ethic. And until fairly recently, absolutely no idea how to shut it all off.

Weeks of vacation time would go unused every year. When we did get out of town, hours upon hours of time were spent on the phone or the laptop. A distinct yet not so fond memory of a spat in a line at “The Happiest Place on Earth” springs to mind which culminated in my yelling, “Turn your phone off! You’re not curing cancer!”

Ah, good times.

But in the end, it WAS good. Clearly something had to give. The situation wasn’t fair. To me, to the kids, to him. Most of all to him.

Today, things are different. We take several trips a year. He is relaxed. He is present. He enjoys himself. He unplugs. And he recognizes the value of all of it.

I know you are out there. The non-un-pluggers. You are too busy! You can’t be away from the office for that long! Well I’m here to tell you, you can. You should. You’re not curing cancer! 😉